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​What's with the owl?
World, meet Stella.She's our creative, witty, intelligent, and never boring tawny owl mascot. With a fluffy, feathered ink pen in her smart little talon, Stella's musings fuel everything Mountain Owl Ink creates.



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Broad doesn't mean loss of quality. MOI offers services spanning the vast array of needs associated with the writing process. From ghostwriting to editing to illustrating, to simply brainstorming and breaking through a bad case of writer's block, we've got you covered.

Simply, we create writing in all its beautiful and frustrating stages. We help authors get their stories started or give manuscripts their finishing, editorial touches. Short or long-term, MOI happily serves both established and aspiring writers and bloggers on their individual and unique literary journeys.

Welcome to the Nest.


No emoticons, "LOL"s, or an excess of exclamation points here. Though never stuffy, Mountain Owl means business. We're serious about writing and won't belittle your project with an attitude that speaks in informal texts and short, emoji-dense messages.

In the short time we've been in business, Stella's been busy gathering projects of all kinds for us to dip our talents into.

Check out our past and current projects, and see if Stella inspires you to start getting to work on your own project.


Every step of the Mountain Owl process is handled with honesty and integrity. From contract to completion, we're upfront about schedules, changes, and fees.

What we do.

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