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Wise writing. Done.

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That was also the year the girl wrote, illustrated, and published a children's book, Appaloosa Pete and the Band of Wily Wolves. And so the seed was firmly planted.

That is the Why.

Years later, the little brown-haired girl looked in the mirror and saw she'd grown into a strong, dark-haired woman, just like she'd always wanted to be. Except, she was bored.

She'd just moved to a new state with her new husband, didn't have a job, and her creative juices were not only flowing, but making her crazy. It occurred to her in a moment of caffeine-induced desperation that she ought to try -- really, really try -- doing that mysterious writing thing for a living, because, really, what was there to lose?

So, in April 2013, she took the dive and created Mountain Owl Ink.

That is the When.

She initially made Mountain Owl Ink (MOI) a DBA. Later it became an LLC because she really didn't know what the hell she was doing. She tried doing her own business taxes until she cried trying to understand tax lingo. She stumbled through creating contracts and forms and business cards and ads. She got a PO box, then a UPS address because she realized she couldn't use a PO box on some tax and business forms (because, really, she didn't know what the hell she was doing). She drastically underbid jobs to build her portfolio, basically working for free (and on weekends), and thought of throwing in the towel for a decent paying gig with benefits because she felt like a financial leech to her dear husband.

But she wanted to write, dammit, so she would.

That is the How.

Having a flair for getting easily bored, the writer didn't think her little project would last. But, lo and behold, here she still is, still loving it, still going strong. It's the longest "job" she's ever held and, hopefully, the last one she'll ever need to. And this isn't the end of the story, but merely the beginning.

Here's to #HappyWriting.

Three W's and a Little H

The Story of Who, Why, When, and How

Once upon a time there was a little brown-haired girl who loved to not only tell stories but also create them. Unlike many little girls, this one wasn't much of a talker, but -- man! -- did she love to draw and write! So draw and write and make stories she did.

That is the Who.

Back then, crayons and markers were her tools of choice. Then she discovered an old mechanical typewriter and, even later, was gifted by her parents with her own electronic version. She studied Creative Writing in college and it was then she discovered the editorial magic of word processing. In 2006, she typed her senior paper in an inspired rush. It turned into a 100+ page novella titled "Creekside Dogs," of which her then-professor, an award-winning author, said: