Mountain Owl Ink, LLC, provides a variety of creative writing and illustrating services, such as...

○ Editing     ○ Proofreading     ○ Writing (Ghostwriting)     ○ Copy for Web & Print     ○ Ad Design

○ Logo Design     ○ Illustrating     ○ Cover Design     ○ NEW! Manuscript Reviews

For Rates, CLICK HERE. Remember, initial consults are FREE*, so head over to our Contact page and give us a hoot.

What Author's Have to Say...

*Restrictions apply.

We love getting to know budding authors and helping them along in their #HappyWriting journeys. Reviewing a manuscript requires time, attention, and delicacy. Similar to but not the same as post-publication book reviews (MOI offers those, too), our manuscript reviews are far more complex jobs that address a variety of components, including:


Character Development


​Descriptive Language



Book Review (add'l fee)

...And MORE!

Wise writing. Done.

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Overall Believeability

Manuscript Reviews

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