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While Mountain Owl Ink offers both writing and creative services, our primary task is to write and to help others do the same. Our editor uses her B.A. in Writing to the max: Not only does she write a regular column for a local newspaper and have a couple of books to her name, she also gains lots of creative inspiration by helping aspiring and published authors with their word-crafting needs.

Manuscript Reviews

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New Authors

We love helping individuals and small businesses write and publish their first books! From ghostwriting to critiques to editing to publishing advice, Mountain Owl thrives on helping others tell their stories.

Contact us today to see how we can help turn your drafted manuscript into a real book.

Published Authors

We don't only work with new authors. We also help out already-published authors who are looking for insight, general input, and a critical eye on their current and upcoming works.

We offer reviews and constructive critiques for both published and unpublished manuscripts.

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Mountain Owl crafts short bursts of text for printed materials like brochures, pamphlets, postcards, and other mailers.

We'll also help you layout and design your materials using professional tools provided by Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Personal Projects

Not a business? Not an author? Don't want to be, but have a creative gap that needs filling? We can help there, too.

Mountain Owl Ink has designed graphics (e.g. logos, cartoons, caricatures) for people's everyday use on stationery, stamps, cards, custom t-shirts, and other fun stuff.


Art & Illustration

Logo Design     Print Layout     Character Sketches     Illustration     Concept Development

We're not just good with words! We also have an eye for design, coloration, and print graphics layout. Whether you have a story and want some basic character sketches or you a complete set of full-color cartoon illustrations, whether you have a specific vision for your logo or have no clue where to start, we're open to discussing how we might be able to help. Here are just a few of the creative services we've completed for our happy customers:


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