• J. Woken

A Local Wild Photo Short: Burdock Clearing

Updated: Jan 8

A quick reminder to anyone considering burdock-ocide this season: Do it before it goes to seed!

Prevent further spread of this invasive plant by chopping it off before it has a chance to reproduce.

This huge hedge took less than a half hour to clear by hand using a long-handled hoe. I use a two-pronged weeding hoe like this one, because the forked end comes in handy to pick up and toss aside already cut stalks, twigs, and leaves that I don’t want to mess with moving by hand. I find using the prongs this way cuts down on work time significantly, and the lightweight fiberglass rod doesn’t fatigue my [obviously super-buff] muscles.

Why cut weeds instead of spray?

Well, for me, I prefer not to use herbicide because there is a waterway nearby into which I don’t want to leech chemicals. Also, these burdock are too big for a homemade vinegar-based weed killer to have any good effect, though the spray works excellently on smaller burdock and other weeds like dandelion and nettle.

Clearing burdock before it goes to seed. Before and after.

Also, beware of the leftover burrs from last year. They’ll stick to anything, even the leaf of a nearby stinging nettle! No wonder this plant was the inspiration for our modern-day Velcro. 😮😳


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