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More Than Words: 3 Reasons Why MOI Offers Creative Services Of All Sorts

Even though Mountain Owl Ink LLC started off as a word-centric business, I quickly got bored of writing all day just months into it in mid-2013.

*GASP!* Say it ain’t so!?

Well, yes, it was so. I wrote and wrote, edited and edited, and slowly but surely became embittered toward my keyboard. My carpal tunnel starting coming back, making me hate typing even more. When it was time to clock out, I didn’t even want to touch a keyboard or typewriter, much less write something fun. For me.

I knew I had to mix it up, lest lose my desire to write altogether.

Truth is, while I love writing, my creative interests span far and wide. And, because I am owner, CEO, CFO, COO, and 100% of MOI’s Board of Directors, I’m free to spread my wings and serve the creative needs of people in whatever way I can. Woot woot! (Or, rather, hoot hoot!)

3 Reasons Why MOI Offers Creative Services Of All Sorts

First, above everything, MOI is about helping people.

If what I’m doing isn’t helpful, what’s the point?

Humans are social creatures (even if in shades), and have an intrinsic need to feel, well, needed. And feeling needed — being helpful — is an excellent motivator. If we’re caught up in work that isn’t needed or doesn’t help someone other than ourselves, our sense of esteem, identity, and purpose suffers.

Imagine you’ve been hired as a construction worker. Then your supervisor assigns you your job: to dig a hole and refill it, then when you’re done with that, dig it again just to refill it again. Over and over again. This will be your job forever. You’ll still get paid, no matter if you dig it faster or slower, just so long as you dig. And nobody’s going to use the hole (or the dirt you dig up) for anything. It’s just there for you. To keep you busy. But, don’t worry: You’ll get paid for it.

At first the arrangement may seem acceptable — heck, it’s an easy, no-brainer paycheck! Or is it? You’ll quickly start to question the wider purpose of your efforts. You’ll quickly realize you aren’t motivated exclusively by money; you’re also motivated by your desire to feel needed, helpful, and productive.

That — feeling needed — is why being employed is so important on a basic human level. Believe it or not, you aren’t employed for the greater good of society! You’re also not working for some higher, altruistic purpose. You’re employed — and you should want to be employed — for the good of YOURSELF.

Think about it.

Speaking of self…

The second reason MOI offers creative services of all sorts is because of ME.

I want satisfaction (which doesn’t always equal “happiness” — know the difference!) in work. Along with the desire to be needed, I want to face challenges, reach goals, tally accomplishments, and experience a variety of thought and work.

In a survey, 85% of people said variety was important or very important to their job satisfaction.

85% of people surveyed said variety is “Important” or “Very Important” to their job satisfaction. (c) Statista 2017

If I were surveyed, I’d be in the “Very Important” category. And I’m guessing that many of the others in that group are probably Creatives like myself: artists, writers, etc. (Psst… being A Creative is not the same as being creative.)

But, just because you want to, doesn’t mean you can. I’m of the unpopular belief that a person cannot “Do anything they set their minds to.” Some people just aren’t made to write. Or paint. Or build. Or swim. Or drive…

I love this clip from “Gone in 60 Seconds” because it’s so true! I think if more people accepted that there are some things they just aren’t designed to do, they’d be a lot happier and the world would be a lot better off.

That’s why…

The last thing that drives MOI is my ability to do.

As a renaissance woman, I can do lots of stuff: write, illustrate, design, build, cook, sew, and the list goes on. I don’t say I do any of it perfectly, but I can do it well.

Combining my desire to fulfill people’s creative project needs with my desire to fulfill my desire for variety with the final ingredient — my ability to actually do this stuff — results in merely one big, rhetorical question:

Why not?

Home Decor: The latest project.

Recently I was approached with a request to help design and make a wooden sign for an engagement party. The job was easy enough and I knew I could do it, so, again, why not?

The project was small and took only a few days from conception to finished product. The customers were very happy with the end result, seen in the image below.

This post isn’t a “how to” on making a sign like this. It’s simply an admission that (1) I can, and (2) Mountain Owl does.

(Bonus: Their sign is one-of-a-kind. The compass image in the background, the layout, that’s all MOI-designed. They didn’t buy the product from a craft or gift store that sells the same inspirational sign that hundreds of other stores sell. They’ll never see this sign in someone else’s home. Ever.)

So, even if you don’t need something written or edited, maybe there’s something else Mountain Owl Ink can help you with?

If so, reach out by emailing Jessi[at]MountainOwlInk[dot][com] or dropping me a line on the Contact page. You can also see MOI’s other projects on the portfolio page.

A more detailed step-by-step of the sign project, start to finish:

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