• J. Woken

Movies That Give Me Mojo

Some days I wake up without much gusto in my step.

Today is one of those days.

My rabbit, Einstein, having one of his many mojo-less moments.

Unlike my pet rabbits, having little drive to do anything all day won’t fly. I have contracts to fulfill, projects to do. There is work to be done, sure, but I just don’t have the enthusiasm to do it. At least not today.

So what’s a girl to do?

I usually let a music station play in the background, but sometimes background music doesn’t provide the umph I need — i.e. the inspiration I need — to get up and get ’em.

That’s when I have to go big. That’s when I have to put on background movies.

The Beauty of Background Movies

Background movies are those movies you’ve seen a bajillion times so you’re not glued to the sofa waiting to find out what happens next. For me, my list of background movies is short, but dedicated. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find them already playing on television, so I can just turn on the TV and walk away with it playing in the background.

It’s like I’m in an office (kinda): I hear other familiar voices in the room with me, I can “eavesdrop” on what’s happening with them, even make director’s commentary in my head while I’m working.

Here is my list of background movies:

  1. Knight and Day

  2. Avatar

  3. Ever After

  4. Seabiscuit

  5. Sweet Home Alabama

  6. Chicago

  7. A Knight’s Tale

  8. Sex and the City (the first movie)

  9. It’s a Wonderful Life (for Christmastime only, obviously… mostly…)

Today, I’m adding When Harry Met Sally to the list. I’ve never seen it before, but it was on this morning on TV and the heated banter between friends Harry and Sally was enough for me to reminisce about my own office banterings way back in Human Resources land pre-MOI days.

Ah, good times (the bantering… not so much the work).

After a healthy session of Harry and Sally and now a good dosing of Knight & Day, I feel just mojo’d enough to tackle my day’s work.

What ways do you get yourself hyped when it’s hard to get started? Do you have a list of background movies? Share them with me… maybe I’ll add them to my list, too!

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