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Last Minute Writer Gifts: Stella's Picks 2019

One week remains until Christmas day. If you're one of the billions globally who celebrate this faith holiday turned largely secular, then you likely have a gift or two left to buy before the Big Day rolls around. (A gift for yourself counts, too!) And, by virtue of you reading this blog, we can safely assume you're of the writing sort or you at least know someone who is.

Rest assured writers appreciate when they get a new notebook, pen set, journal, writer-type do-dad-thingamajiggy. We like being thought of. But those gifts aren't always useful, at least not immediately. For instance, I adore journals and notebooks, but I currently have three that are sitting on my bookshelf right now, completely unused. My desk is overflowing with pens. I don't need any more gadgets to plug into my already crowded USB port

In that case, here are

3 Classy & Useful Gifts for Writers

1. Dragon, $59-150

No, not a giant fire-breathing lizard (that would be cool, though, right?), but Dragon Speech Recognition Software from Nuance Communications. Now at Version 15, this software can either be purchased from a brick-and-mortar store or downloaded directly to the user's computer from the company's website. It ain't cheap at $150 for the V15 Home version, but it's very useful and can potentially save someone from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Older versions can be found on Amazon and other sites for as little as $59.

Even though I use Windows' VR software to write sometimes, Dragon software is of much better quality and has been on my Wishlist for years,

2. A Happy Light, $26+

Especially for those working in the northern latitudes where a lack of daylight hours in the winter can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), aka "the winter blues", a desktop "happy light" can really help boost mood and productivity for someone bound to a desk.

This is the light I use, which features a "UV-Free 10000 Lux Light Therapy Lamp: Features the same 6500K color temperature of natural sunlight to help fight winter blues, jet lag, and shift work or seasonal changes".

(Psst... These lights are helpful for anyone suffering Winter Blues, not just for writers.)

Me being super nerdy in my super classy Klassy Network blue light-blocking glasses.

3. Blue-light Blocking Eyewear, $50+

Gotta say, I LOVE my blue light glasses! I've been using them since May and they make a world of difference for reducing eye fatigue and headaches related to the blue light emitted from my computer screen. Not only that, they're healthier for my eyes in the long run, too!

I purchased my pair from The Klassy Network. They're non-prescription, but Klassy offers prescription blue light blocking glasses, too, you just have to email them. (Psst.., prescription glasses which might be covered by a health insurer or HSA!) #eyehealth #happyeyes

What is blue light? Read more about that HERE.

#MerryChristmas from your friends at Mountain Owl Ink, LLC!