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This is a basic accounting of what Wingnotes ministry has received as payments, purchases, and donations, and how those earnings have been split and used to support our vision of spreading Jesus' love and life through music. These details are being offered freely; Wingnotes is NOT a 501(c)3 NPO and we are not obligated to report numbers. We do, however, feel we are obligated to let our supporters and those who may decide to support this ministry in the future know that their money is being put to good and honest use.

At the same time, we wish to be respectful of donors' information, so we've whittled the information down to a minimum of details. This is why you do not see dates or names of locations or persons, but rather items have been separated into the following basic categories: Performance Fee [for a paid performance], Donations, Online CD Sales, CD Sales [in-person]. Performer Payout, Performance Expenses [these include registration fees, traveling costs, or other expenses incurred to perform at specific locations (e.g. lodging for multi-day ministry services like retreats or concerts)], Ministry Sessions (free Wingnotes ministry services are designated as "Ministry Sessions". All other performances are paid.). Half of Performance Fees go to the performer; 100% of donations go toward paying performer(s) for working ministry sessions. The minimum Performer Payout for ministry sessions is $50.

We hope the sharing of this information will encourage you to consider hiring Wingnotes, purchasing merchandise, or offering a free will donation to support our cause. Thank you.

beginning balance: $132.54

source / notes


Performance Fee / special church service

Donations / special church service

Online CD Sales / online

Donations / ministry session

CD Sales / ministry session (no S&H)

$     300.00






source / notes


Special Church Service / payout to performer

Online CD Sale / shipping & handling of CD to buyer

Online CD Sale / 50% payout

Performance Expenses / lodging

Ministry Session / payout to performer

CD Sales / 50% payout

$     150.00






balance available for free wingnotes services: $215.20

updated 29Sept2019